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Choosing Dining Room Table with Bench Ideas for Fun Mealtime


As you know, dining room has two types of the decoration. The difference of the style also influences to the furniture design, obvious. Even, it relates to the area of the dining room. Usually, it is known as the formal and informal dining room. The formal style has current space or between the living area and kitchen. It has table and armless or armchairs. Meanwhile, the informal dining room style is called as the breakfast and or kitchen nook. The location is often in the corner space with bench.

Nowadays, I take the informal dining room décor with table and bench. Well, take a look at the pictures below. Firstly, there is cool contemporary breakfast nook with the superb rectangle graphite wood table. This excellent furniture has modern caved pedestal base for the grey shag rug. Here, it combines the foamy modest bench with white pad. Besides that, there are trendy upholstered chairs with the same material. By the way, the table is decorated with the crockeries and cutlery centerpiece.


Secondly, it is the elegant rustic dining table and bench. The table looks unique on the base with x shape. Further, it is adorned with the fruit bowl and flower bouquet. Meanwhile, the bench is designed from dark wood with the leather bench. Certainly, this seat mixes the chair with leather pad too. The third is the awesome DIY dining nook style. It has creative trunk table and bench. Both furniture designs are propped with the black wooden base in cubical shape.

Next, I show the farmhouse dining nook from the white sustainable house. This bright room has the masculine black furniture sets. It includes the x shaped wooden bench and the extensive table. Such as you know, the table has beautiful table centerpiece. Here, the dining nook sets stand on the beige rug. Then, they face off the soothing garden view. Obvious, have a mealtime in the dining nook is more exciting.


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