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Countertop Ideas for Rooms’ Design


When we are talking about countertop, the most common thing that appear in your mind will be furniture. In other name, countertop can also be called as benchtop and kitchen bench. Countertop is commonly a furniture that is used to decorate a surface such as kitchen areas, bathroom, and also other rooms that have horizontal surfaces.


People are likely design their own rooms themselves. They like to create any creative design to make their rooms look more elegant, casual, and beautiful. There are some things about countertop ideas for your rooms design that you need to know. Also there are some informations about kinds of materials of the countertop that you can choose.

Materials of Countertop
1. Natural Stones
Natural stones such as marble, granite, soapstone, slate, gabbro, and limestone are the most hunted materials. Many people choose this kind of material because its elegance and beauty.

2. Silicate Minerals
Quartz and travertine are the most popular materials that can be used as the main materials. The smoothness of them can attract people’s attention to use them to decorate their rooms.

3. Wood
The hardwood and softwood are the choice of the main materials. The differences of both materials are on their thickness and smoothness.

4. Metals
Metals such as aluminium, zinc, copper, and stainless steel are used as the materials of decorating workroom, and office room.

Ideas for Designing Your Rooms

1. Kitchen’s Design
Your cooking areas in the kitchen need to have special design for its countertop because when you are cooking in the rough surface, you cannot prepare your dishes well. You have to choose soft surface such as wood and natural stones. You can use your creative ideas to design the placement of your countertop so that you can manage the space well.

2. Bathroom’s Design
Bathroom is identic with water, soap, and bathing activities that can make your water become more slippery rather than other surface. It is better to use silicate minerals and natural stones so that you are easier to clean the surface.

3. Dining Room’s Design
In your dining room you need something catchy to increase your mood when you are eating your meals. You can design your dining room beautifully by using wood or granite stone. Those two materials are very suitable with the cheerful atmosphere of the dining room.

4. Office Room’s Design
Office room is one of the places where you need the comfortness to work. A room design also determine someone’s spirit of doing their works. By choosing the suitable material for your room’s countertop, you can make your works become easier.


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