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Every Piece of Goodness in Industrial Bathroom


How do you like your bathroom look will be? Do you want to make it modern or maybe you are fond with the one in classic style? no matter your favorite is, I guess you will love the world of industrial! Yeah, it recalls the age where people were busy to work with lots of metal tools to proceed the cotton. So many things that are memorable till the days turned to the modern era. However, you will still have the chance to remind the history back then of it with industrial bathroom idea!

You should realize in the first time what decoration will bring perfect industrial accent into your bathroom. Yeah, metal, rustic metal is undeniable so industrial with all the eagerness and of course black memories that are ready to be buried. Like the ceiling lamps installed in the bathroom exhibiting copper shade, and the vanity is just too rustic to reject the industrial tone. At the first very glance, you can feel the soothe feeling with all the gray black color combination!


In addition, industrial era is all about industry, and it is something about production. Therefore, to support the spirit of the age itself, why don’t you produce your own vanity? Yeah, a refined yellow golden sink is a piece of the industrial era that is worth it to brought up now. Nothing but the metal pipe lighting track stacked to the wall gives more perfection to the style. so fond on the way it compromises with the yellow!

Furthermore, you cannot grab the real tone and sensation of industrial bathroom until you get your body soaked into the stainless steel bathtub! Isn’t crazy after all of the modernization with so many porcelain and plastic goods, you prefer to a metal bathtub that looks crisp with the lighting dashing the calm tone!


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