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Following the Latest Trend Interior Design with Stair Railing Ideas


Stair has specific design in two types. It is often uses banister or panel and the opposite. The stair with banister also is divided into two characters. Certainly, you have known the railing and glass style. Obvious, the stair railing ideas are the trendiest style, which emerges since several decades ago. There are many people still apply this style with more innovative design. Perhaps, you are looking for the recent stair design with railing. So, follow me!

Okay, it is the helical stair railing for contemporary white retreat. The modern style of this home structure takes stainless steel railing and pole. Further, both items mixes the wedge shaped black white tiles stair tread. Next, I display the masculine spiral stair with slate stone wall design. Seemly, this interior track brings you to the eccentric mezzanine. Such as you know, the stair has sleek black bronze railing on the white stucco base. Afterward, it combines the dark pallet wood stair tread.


Hereinafter, I present the traditional helical stair from the cool white house. The glossed brown railing and wood treads give noticeable outlook in this floor. Indeed, the outlook beats the other items. Fourth, you have trendy brown white stair with crisp railing style. Here, it looks snazzy and matches for the interior color scheme. Fifth, there is chic industrial stair railing ideas. The engraving wood material combines the black wrought iron and white molding stucco base.

Sixth, I recommend you with the exquisite black wrought iron railing. This luxurious stair design has many patterns for the balustrade design. Surely, the stair becomes the part of the interior room beauty. Further, I show the stunning floating runner stair. At this time, the durable stainless steel railings stand from the floor to the ceiling. It penetrates the black wood treads. Obvious, this finest stair panel combines the long wall mounted handrail. Well, let’s choose them!


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