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Home with Sliding Barn Door – Invites Memories Back Then


What reminds you the most to your childhood? Is it the toy that you collect on the loft? Or maybe it is some pictures exhibited in the living room to recall your friendship in the past? So many things could brought the past easily to you, and for me, barn door is the most lovely furniture that could bring me back then when my Grandpa still alive. He used to live in a cabin near the farm with that rustic old barn door that always welcome me back then. Now, I want to share my unforgettable Grandpa’s sliding barn door to you!

As it is modern now, it is free for you to choose any type of barn door, and now it is also available to have the modern one. It is a minimally finished wooden barn door with black iron rod to deal with the sliding style. It is just perfect to open the access from the bedroom to the bathroom! Nothing is so playful but a sliding barn door!


To lift the value of a traditional barn door, it is not always rustic touch, but some pop up colors are perfect to blend with the gray painted room. Yeah, orange sliding barn door is just as perfect as the one with glass or trellis, but in this door you could carry the historical value! That is the point of having a barn door in your house.

Do you think that having yellow barn door is too much? No! Yellow is a nice color for your white winter mood Scandinavian bathroom! Look at how stunning it breaking the neutral calming tone with such flashing bright banana color to the vibe. Really thankful to have this animation style sliding barn door. Admit it or not, but I think you will ask a carpenter to create you a sliding barn door after the show!


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