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How to Take Care of Your White Nightstand


White furniture are easy to be dirty and broken. That statement is totally true. People need to give special caring to their furniture that have white color especially their nightstand. White nightstand is easy to get dirty because you may put many things such as books, food, drink, etc on its surface or inside its shelves that possibly can make your nightstand become dirty.


It is different with the other nightstands which color are not white. White surface is very sensitive with the colorful things such as drawing pen, colorful paint, etc. If you have children, they are likely to draw everywhere especially on your nightstand. They will happily draw on any surfaces in your home. Therefore, you have to know some ways to keep your nightstand clean.

It is not too difficult to care your furniture because nowadays there are many ways to keep it beautiful. You can even take care of it yourselves. In fact, if your nightstand has a good quality of materials, you just need to do simple treatment of it.

Ways to Keep Your White Surface of Nightstand Clean :

1. Put Your Nightstand Away From Your Children
If you have a nightstand which color is white, you have to put it inside your bedroom or in other rooms that are away from the reach of your children. You can easily care your nightstand and keep them clean from drawing activities of your children.

2. Clean It Twice A Week
Cleaning your nightstand at least twice a week can help you keep the nightstand clean from the dust. If you find any stains such as oil, paint, and ink stains, you need to clean them by using stain remover that does not peel the paint layer.

3. Repainted Your Nightstand
Color layer are normally peeled after more than three years of using. If it happens, you have to repaint the nightstand to make it looks new. Choose the same color as the old ones so that it will not damage the quality of the color.

4. Avoid The Use of Colored Paints on It
You are not allowed to use other color on the white surface. It is not only damage the real color of the nightstand, but it also ruins the aesthetic values of the white color.

5. Don’t Put Any Food and Drink Above It
Putting food and drink above your nightstand can cause long lasting stain on its white surface. If you cannot clean it well, you will make the white color peeled from the material’s surface.


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