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Mirrored Closet Door for Elegant and Extravagant Outlook


What is the function of a mirror? It is the one that will reflect all the swirling luxury in every pace in the house. it is the one that will tell you every single piece of your plush. It is the one that will warn you beforehand what is behind you. without a lie! Mirror is the most honest furniture that you have to own in the house. therefore, it also reflects all the elegant and extravagant look in your bedroom with mirrored closet door! Do you want to take a look?

It looks like there is no closet in the wall, and it means that the mirror succeeds the duty to make kind of illusion. Yeah, behind this glorious bright white framed mirrored door, you will find unbelievable closet which is fully filled with couture, suits, blazer and some jumpsuit from next season. You can guess it right away how the closet is built in recessed style! no wonder, even to study next the luxurious mirrored door is far more tempting with the same white desk!


Meanwhile, to make it a bit mysterious, slicing the part of the mirror with wooden blade must be a nice idea. in the end of the process, you will take the awesome stripe pattern on the closet door with amazed. The symmetrical tone is outrageously matching and fitting the interior of the bedroom where it takes place.

A fully wrapped walk in closet exhibits giant mirrored door with super delighting tone before the black desk in the office. Don’t try to reject that you need some suits, pairs of shoes and even briefcases stocked in the office for sudden event. In addition, with super wide mirrored glass, your bedroom looks a lot more larger because the mirror hypnotizes you to think so.


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