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Presenting Modern Farmhouse Decor that Far From Spooky Sense


What do you know about farmhouse design? Of course, it is identical with village or country nuance. It uses natural material such as wood and stone. Then, it often looks rustic. Nowadays, you will see another style from this idea. The modern farmhouse décor come in several options. Firstly, you get catchy foyer décor from white farmhouse. The location of the decoration is under white brown wooden staircase.

Alright, under stair is the sophisticated lights and gold antler painting. Those items collaborate to the flower bouquets, mini lamp shades, etc. Obvious, those displays also adorns the shabby chic white wooden sideboard. Further, this area is added with plaid pattern accent chair slipcover. This modest black white furniture matches for reading and relaxing area. Moreover, the floor is cladded with warm brown braided rug. You will enjoy your time. Secondly, I have the gothic dining area from the flawless white farmhouse retreat. Exactly, it is in front of the white French doors for the patio.


Alongside that, it closes to the living area. Under black wrought iron chandelier with shade is the white marble top table. Such as you know, this rectangle furniture is also decorated with black wooden frame. Then, it is adorned with white pumpkins on the brown fruit bowl. In the other hand, there are chic wrought iron armless chairs and black railing bench. Certainly, this interior décor is balance to the white color scheme of the house.

Lastly, I have the eccentric farmhouse living room décor. It closes to the eclectic dining nook and kitchen. The living room has beige floating bobkona couch with adorable cushions. It stands for the twin round wicker rattan coffee table trays. Afterward, this area is added with c shaped wooden end table and animal skin pattern rugs. Okay, I conclude my modern farmhouse design has bright and airy sense. There is not spooky feeling in each idea.


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