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Remarkable Attic Bedroom Ideas in 2018


As you know, attic is used for many ideas. Recently, people have decorated it with the several functions. Even, it is for not only warehouse or bedroom. Nevertheless, it can be the nice area for your social area or media room. Today, I take this narrow loft space with new sleeping area decoration. Indeed there are many choices such as I mention above. Yet, I keep take attic bedroom as my topic today. Seemly, most people start to bore with their bedroom décor.

Firstly, you are showed with the fabulous Scandinavian attic bedroom. This master bedroom décor is aimed for girl with bright white bathroom. By the way, this area is spacious enough with minimalist organizer. Aside the white railing staircase is the captivating queen bed. Such as you know, there is tiled pattern purple leather bedding and green pillows. Of course, both items make this simple bed looks beautiful. Further, there is corner brown unfinished sideboard in the corner.


Then, opposite to the sideboard is the black upholstered chair. Obvious, both furniture designs display the narrow closet and bathroom door. This room is dominated with brown and white color. It is visualized with the faux wood laminate floor and the sloping stucco wall. Afterward, the vaulted ceiling is adorned with the exposed beam and exquisite chandelier. Okay, let’s walk to the second picture with stylish attic bedroom. This creative interior décor adds winsome sitting area.

Well, the wall has large triangle shaped niche with extensive console table cabinet. In the other hand, this room has three painting color ideas. The light blue wall looks over the sectional window which has creamy drapery curtain. Seemly, it shades the trendy single bed too. Then, the white and beige colors paint the other parts and collaborate to the ornaments. Meanwhile, the sitting area has cool floor-to-ceiling TV unit. It faces off the turquoise rug, mini white table, and red leather sofa. Alright, both attic bedroom designs are remarkable.


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