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Sharing Unique Features of Corner Perfection with DIY Shelf


Do you like to be aloof in the corner of the room? yeah, it is just interesting to spend the time while sitting along in the corner of a room. However, I think it’s not only you that makes the corner of the room as the favorite place. There are several furniture in the house which are perfect to fill the cone shape of the room! yeah, corner desk is the a dream study spot, and corner bench is a wonderful idea to get closer with someone, and then corner sofa is where you can finish your novel! What about a corner DIY shelf? It is a perfection on the wall!

Nothing bit a set of simple idea to stick some wooden boards in the corner of the room wall. Some piles of them make awesome slot for books to fill up the room with bookish tone. Bothered with classic furniture in apart, it looks appealing rather than disappointing. Not only books, it even invites more like plants, lamps and some other ornament possible!


I don’t know the reason why, but white corner board shelves are always classy to remind you to the Norwegian snowy evening! Yeah, I think it is because white is the most recognizable tone to match some others like orange, green and red. In its very minimal shape, there is no need to opt the effort because the design lifts the outlook with all its simplicity!

Do you think that corner shelf is only perfect for your living room? I guess no! A kitchen looks shivering with rustic corner spicy shelves! of course, the design is not only functional, but it is entertaining in the same time. installing a set of DIY corner shelves in the out corner of the room will be a nice place to spot some wine glasses!


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