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Unique Headboard Ideas for Bedroom With DIY project


Try to apply these unique headboard ideas that will transform your bedroom in unique way. There are many ways for improve your bed into charming, restful and unique. You even can create it from unused and reclaimed furniture from your old one. The first idea for headboard is reclaimed barn door that creates a rustic look for your master bedroom headboard. Add the mount light in both sides that create sturdy impression.


The second idea is used repurposed textile for headboard. In this style, the historic Asian rug is hung for create headboard. Add dangled loop of rope for hang the light lantern will make the ethnic look complete. You also can use Indian style rug for this idea. Add the bright colorful headboard with upholstered ikat print in orange color. This cute headboard is perfect for your children bed.

If you have modern bedroom style, then this headboard can be your inspiration. From four poster hand carved bed, you just need to give minimalist bedding such as plain headboard. Add extra décor such as wooden bench in front of bed that can use for your wardrobe or book storage. Want to have more rustic look with nature elements for your headboard? Then this can be your inspiration.

The twiggy hickory wood is idea for next headboard. The twiggy wood is added not only in headboard but also in the end against the bed that can be function for separation. Next idea for your headboard is reupholstered swath linen headboard from the existing flat headboard bed. For minimalist idea, the French headboard from tall antique iron cast is perfect for create romantic and elegance bedroom.

You have custom bed? Then you can create this unique book headboard. Just arrange your book collection into your bed that added with little space for put the book. Next idea is put furniture for your headboard. In this setting, the headboard use open drawers, cabinet or desk with one side for headboard and other side against the open space for open. With this setting, it requires bedroom with large space.

If you do not have any ideas for create your own unique headboard, then you can browse unique headboard design ideas and add your own ideas. There are no limit ideas for your headboard as you open your mind. Create wooden panels, aquarium headboard or mirror headboard can add your ordinary headboard become gorgeous. You also can use room divider for your headboard.


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